Anne Frank act 2
Updated: 1/31/2020
Anne Frank  act 2
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  • yea because that diary is her life
  • yea she is always reading her diary
  • hey do you hear Anne reading her diary out loud
  • Saturday ,the first of January nineteen forty-four another new year has begun
  • So everyone in the apartment could hear Anne reading her diary and we are in hiding so we have to be very quiet so no one can know that we are up here .
  • please let us go what did we do
  • i want a normal life again
  • Anne was reading her diary out loud and she really loved this diary she always had that diary around her life every emotions is that diary.
  • margot we will survive this whole thing as long as we are together we will make it
  • margot please dont leave me your the only person left mom is gone dad is gone everyone is gone and now you are gone too
  • Mrs Vann Dann and Mr Vann Dann moved here the apartment with their child named peter they are a part of the family also Peter had a cat named Mouschi .
  • They could not hide of long Hitler get them and they were in a concentration camp everyone is die so Hitler dont care about none.
  • Anne and Margot get separated from their parnets so Anne and Margot are in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp by themselves.
  • Sadly Margot died in 1945 from typhus fever. Anne was the only one left out of the frank family who was alive but, sadly Anne had later died from the same thing Margot had died from.
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