Multiple Intelligence
Updated: 2/24/2020
Multiple Intelligence

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  • Gurkamal SinghMs. Walker GLC20oDue: Monday, Febuary 24th, 2019
  • Introduction
  • Today I will be portraying to you my top 3 intelligence and how having this knowledge will benefit me in choosing my future job and career
  • How would knowing this this help me
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Knowing your top Intelligences will help you choose a career in the future that you will enjoy doing
  • How will this help me choose my future job?
  • Top 3 Intelligences
  • Kinesthetic(39%)Auditory(35%)Visual(26%)
  • The theory of multiple intelligences was created by Howard Gardner and was made to take the humans intelleginces and put it into specific groups of learning. Everyone has a different way of solving a problem and no way is wrong. Just like that everyone has different intellingences and i will be sharing mine with you in this comic
  • Kinesthetic
  • One of the ways I use my intelligence in my daily life is by talking with moving my hands, which is shown in this scene
  • There are 8 different intelligences. Visual-Spatial Intelligence,Linguistic-Verbal Intelligence, Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intrapersonal Intelligence, and Naturalistic Intelligence. Each intelligence links with different human beings. Depending on there strengths and weaknesses you are given your most relatable intelligence. I will be presenting you my top 3 intelligences after taking the online quiz.
  • Auditory
  • In my everyday life I love to listen to music, and in this scene my character is at the club listening to music
  • After taking the quiz I have found out that my top 3intelligences are Kinesthetic(39%), Auditory(35%), and lastly Visual(26%). Now that I know what my top Intelligence is, it will make it much easier for me to choose my future career. I could aslo use this knowledge to succeed in my school life and my life outside of school.
  • Visual
  • In my daily life i usually like to watch videos on somethings i don't understand. For example, some math problems i don't understand, so when I get home I search videos for more help.
  • Being a Kinesthetic learner means that I like to learn my touching and doing the assigned task. I am active, usaully takes a lot of breaks, and use my hands when I want to explain or tell someone something. When I found out this is my greatest intelligence i was not suprised. I personally enjoy working on things by touching and in the fututre look to get into some type of work in the construction department
  • Do you want to come to my house until your parents get home?
  • Sure
  • Being a Auditory learner means that I learn from hearing and listening. You usually talk or sing to yourself while studying, like to learn through audio books or podcasts, and enjoy receiving knowledge by it being read out loud. Finding out this is one of my top 3 intelligences did surprise me. I thought I was more of a Visual learner then a Auditory, and i don't like to listen to audio books.
  • Being a Visual learner means that you like to learn from looking and seeing. You usually take detailled notes, sit in the front of the class, and often close your eyes and try to visualize the situation in your head. Some of the other ways its easier for you to learn is through videos. I was not suprised to see Visual intelligence in my top 3, but defintely expected it to be number one. Usually take notes and learn better when something is done infront of me. Which made me think, this should be my number one intelligence.
  • Math
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