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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Updated: 4/18/2020
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
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  • Exposition
  • Idk, why do you think you would say something like that
  • How would you react if I said I wasn´t from Guildford I was from a planet called Betelgeuse?
  • Conflict
  • Quick we´ll hitchhike the space ship and get out of this mess
  • Ford!, what are we supposed to do my home got blown up with the earth
  • Rising Action
  • What are we supposed to do know?, and why are we in a spaceship?
  • Shh!, Arthur you need to calm down we can not get caught
  • In the very beginning where we meet Arthur and then Ford. We are given backround information that helps us develop what is going on around them with regards to the characters, as well as the setting.
  • Climax
  • The earth blew up and since the main characters Arthur and Ford where the only ones to survive they have to go find a home. This story is an external conflict the type of conflict being Man vs. Supernatural.
  • Falling Action
  • I do not really know exactly lets do more experiments to find out
  • What is earth exactly?
  • Right after the earth blows up, our main characters Arthur and Ford begin their hitchhiking journey starting on one spaceship to another to lead to a great Climax in the galaxy.
  • Resolution
  • Now we meet other characters like Zaphod and Trillion the owners of the last spaceship Arthur and Ford hitchhiked. They enter a planet called Magrathea and bombarded with missiles from the creatures on the planet.
  • They all have arrived to at the most unlikely planet and it begins to answer all their questions by going and exploring more into the planet. The crew meets with the Magrethean people and decipher the question of earth as an experiment made by the Magrethean.
  • Arthur, Ford, Zaphod, and Trillion escape from the dead planet of Magrethea, and manage to keep Arthurś brain from the mice of the planet.
  • Thankfully!
  • Yay!, I don´t have to get my brain taken out
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