Mid-Autumn Festival Story

Updated: 9/3/2021
Mid-Autumn Festival Story

Storyboard Description

A storyboard of the legends relating to the Mid-Autumn festival

Storyboard Text

  • Long ago, the hero Hou Yi saved the earth from punishing heat by shooting nine of ten suns out of the sky. To reward him, the gods gave him an immortal elixir. However, a villain tried to steal it and his wife, Chang'e, drank it to keep the elixir safe. Since she loved Hou Yi, rather than flying to Heaven, she flew to the moon to stay close to him. Each year, he puts out a special meal to celebrate the harvest with Chang'e, who still lives on the moon.
  • Another legend tells of the jade rabbit- with the monkey and the fox, the rabbit was asked to provide food for the gods. The monkey and fox found food to share with them, but the rabbit was not successful. So, the rabbit offered herself as food and jumped into the fire. The gods were so impressed with her self-sacrifice, that they immortalized her in jade and sent her to the moon to live with Chang'e. The jade rabbit helps Chang'e make elixir for the gods.