Immagration conversation
Updated: 2/9/2021
Immagration conversation

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  • What factor do you think is the best to shape immagration policies?
  • In my oppinion, it's security. Take a walk with me and I'll tell you why!
  • Security is important because we need to know who wants to come into out country. We need to know that the people we don't wan't like criminals, spies, and other bad people don't hurt others!
  • All immigrants need to have a thurough background check to check if they won't harm everyones quality of life. They will check you criminal record, your history, even your relationships with others.
  • But wouldnt it take a really long time to check everyone?
  • Yes, it might take a while to throughly check, but you will need to do that to check if someone is entering the country with good intentions.
  • There is actually no connection between terrorism and immigrants. Securing the immagration process even more will only hurt immagrants. That doesn't mean theres no bad people though!
  • I've heard Canada's security is kind of weak. Do they need to be more secure?
  • Thats why I think security is the most important factor. That doesnt mean the other factors aren't important too!
  • Thanks for your opinion!