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Updated: 3/4/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Principle VII (Checks and balances/seperation of powers)
  • This bill seems unconstitutional so I do not want to pass it
  • I present you this bill that seems fair
  • Principle III
  • Sir, you are in here today because you were texting and driving
  • But, I didn't think there was a clear law that says i cant text and drive, but I do believe it says as long I was not recklessly driving I'm allowed to text and drive
  • Principle I
  • The branches can stop each other in the creation of a law, in order for a law to be passed it has to go through the house of representatives and the senate.
  • Principle II
  • As i am elected in to the senate I swear to protect everybody and their individual rights
  • There has to be a clear set of rules to follow when someone breaks the law, you can only be accused of a crime if there is a clear law going against it.
  • Principle IV
  • As the state government we have concluded that the schools will be shut down for the rest of the year due to the outbreak of COVID-19
  • "We the people" Government gives the people some power
  • Principle V
  • This creates a framework on how the government should act, and how they can not violate individual rights.
  • Federalism, the national government and the state government have the same power. The National government deals with the whole country and the state government deals with that state.
  • The people have the power and only the rich white men had voting rights at first, then it was all white men, then its was all men, and not until 1920 women could vote.
  • Us women didn't have it very easy, we didn't have much say in anything until we could vote until 1920.