Updated: 5/13/2020

Storyboard Description

Guy trying to sell other guy weed

Storyboard Text

  • Should I buy the weed?
  • Let me think about it for a few.
  • Hey bro do you want some weed?
  • Ive always wondered what it felt like to smoke weed but I probably shoudn't.
  • Alright just let me know when you decide.
  • Hey Ronny who is your new friend?
  • If I didn't take it I wouldn't get addicted but i would not seem cool.
  • I would be respected if I took it but if I did smoke it then I would be breathing really bad chemicals.
  • It's the new kid professor, i'm just showing him around.
  • That's very nice of you.Did you ever finish your history paper?
  • My health is much more important than my social status.
  • I guess the real question is, which is more impotant to me my social status or my health.
  • Yea I did my paper.
  • Good
  • Hey man i'm going to pass on your offer.
  • Alright see you later man.
  • I'm glad I didn't buy the weed because most people try weed get addicted and I would hate to waste so much money.