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Unknown Story
Updated: 12/6/2018
Unknown Story
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  • this is Ra he is the sun god and he was made by nun he started as a shining egg and when he hatched he was very powerful and i am going to tell you his story
  • she drank until she could drink no more now she couldn’t hunt any more humans her name was changed to Hathor and she was now peaceful now mankind was saved
  • ra had changed himself into a human to rule over mankind and he did just that for thousands of years but ruling for that long in a human body made him grow much older and his people made fun of how old he was and they decided to not follow his laws
  • hahahaha your old
  • Ra called upon the other gods and told them about all of the horrible things these humans did so Ra told nun that he would only end mankind if he told him to so nun told Ra to attack mankind in the form of sekhmet
  • attack them with sekhmet
  • im dying
  • sekhet was out of control she was killing almost all of mankind so Ra decided to die alchohal the color of blood there was so much of it that it was 9inces deep
  • Isis was very smart and placed the very first cobra and when ra was traveling down his road the cobra strikes and as the venom coursed through his veins he calls the other gods for help he says something that he never created has just bit him. Isis was going to have to heal him but isis needed hi true name ra told isis and he was healed but was no longer the ruler of earth.
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