final product
Updated: 3/16/2021
final product

Storyboard Text

  • The teacher announced there would be a 'test' where Kendall and Elisa would go against each other and Abby and Stephanie would go against each other.
  • Kendall and Elisa both trained for weeks since they were going to go against each other and neither of them wanted to lose. Everyone is saying Elisa is better
  • Everyone was anxiously waiting for Friday when the 'test' was going to be. The test is when two students go against each other to see if they move up a level /class or stay the same.
  • It was finally the day and the 'tests' were being carried out. People were upset/happy/proud of themselves. But the last one was Kendall vs Elisa and everyone was waiting
  • The teacher said that both of the girls would be moved up a level and that Kendall won by one point,but the teacher said that didn't matter because they both showed a lot of improved. And were both being moved up a class
  • Elisa accepted that she was not the best but Kendall's equal and they didn't become friends but they stopped going against each other for everything.