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Conflict in Refugee Benjamin Baylis
Updated: 10/11/2019
Conflict in Refugee Benjamin Baylis
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Storyboard Text

  • Josef and Mom arguing
  • Josef deciding whether or not he will participate in the raid
  • Isabel's boat breaking
  • In this Character vs Character, Josef is confused why his mom is not upset that they have "lost" dad. She is in a form of denial, and just wants to dance. "'No, Josef said. He was too old to dance with his mother, too embarrassed. And there were more important things to think about right now.
  • Mahmoud defends his friend
  • In this character vs self, Josef is approached by a man, who is planning a raid on the bridge. Josef is deciding whether or not he should participate, his life hanging in the balance. "Josef looked at the floor. If they failed-when they failed- the captain would take the ship back to Germany, and then Ponzer and the hijackers were sure to be sent to concentration camps."
  • In this Character vs Nature, Isabel and co. are almost to Miami, when their boat breaks. Water continues to flood in, and the boat seems like it will finally sink. "Crunk. Something bent and broke under Papi's foot, and the boat lurched. Water streamed in from a new crack in the hull, and suddenly all feelings of relief ended. The boat was sinking."
  • In this character vs society, Mahmoud defends his friend against bullies. he is being bullied because he is Shia. He is standing up against discrimination in society. "Mahmoud had been going to meet his best friend, Khalid. Down a side street just like this one, Mahmoud found Khalid getting beaten up by 2 older boys.... With a battle cry that would have made Wolverine proud, Mahmoud had launched himself at Khalid's attackers."
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