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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/1/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Exposition
  • rising action
  • rising action
  • when the king was going through his garden he saw feet but the feet were not feet they were hooves. the king saw that it had a human body waist up and he noticed that it was a satyr. The king said that he would tell the satyr's master that he was sleeping in the king's garden. The satyr made a deal that he would tell the king stories if he did not tell his master. 
  • climax
  • One week later the king brought the satyr to his master. The master was Dionysus a greek god he was overjoyed that his satry was safe Dionysus gave him a wish that he would grant for the king the king thought for a while and decided whatever he touched he turned it to gold.
  • falling action
  • The way he used his power was turning his flower into gold. He was starting to not like his power because he liked the smell of flowers and their was no good smell. Then he went to eat and drink when his drink touched his lips it turned to gold and when he ate his bread it turned to gold when he touched it
  • resolution
  • He was tired of his power so he went to see the god to get his power reversed. When he was leaving his daughter hugged him and she turned to gold.He mourned for a few minutes . Then he went to go see the god
  • The god new that he would not like the power after a while. The god new that because of this experience that he would not be as greedy. The god told him to go to a river and wash in it.
  • The king walked of many miles to get to the river. When he got to the river he walked in the river and was washed down the river. he knew that his power was gone because the river was not gold but it was shiny because of gold pebbles on the river.
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