English summer work by Farida Maklad

Updated: 9/11/2021
English summer work by Farida Maklad

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, I am Mr.Brunner I will be your teacher but unfortunately I have bad new for you guys that Percy Jackson has been kicked of the Yancy academy because of his bad behavior.
  • Hi my name is Percy Jackson I am 12 years old I struggle with adhd.
  • Hi my name is Grover
  • Hi my name is Luke
  • Hi I am Percy I am so happy to go into the museum. I have never actually been to one before but I don't how it feels to be in one.
  • I'm shocked. I just found out that Luke is a thief, we must run an go catch him because he might have the thunderbolt.
  • RUN
  • I am sure we will get him. I think he could have the thunder bolt that belongs to Zeus let's keep running.
  • We must find that thunder bolt because if we don't find we will have to go on another mission which will be a huge problem so I hope we find it.
  • I finally got the thunder bolt we can now leave from this underworld, we have been here for ages.
  • Wait Percy look I think I found thunder bolt we have been look for in ages I am so happy let's move forward and check if it is .
  • Hi Zeus I am Percy the son of Poseidon I have very good news for you.I found your thunder bolt that you have been looking for it for long time it is here with me.
  • I am so thankful for you Percy thank you for finding my thunder bolt that I have been looking for.
  • I am home mom and dad it's been forever since I saw you both and I am really happy that I came home to stay with you I also can't wait for grade 7.
  • Hi Percy I am glad your home with me and your father it's been long time you came home like from last Christmas probably this huge time I am so happy.