Ben Giron
Updated: 2/16/2021
Ben Giron

Storyboard Text

  • hello my name is neb tomorrow is my first day of school i've only been to Tenochtitlan once when i was little my dad is a chinapa farmer and he says he's going to give me a tour
  • and i'm his father
  • these roads the lead to the city are called cusways
  • wow!
  • this must be the market place your always talking about with are traditional economy where you can trade for what ever you need its bustling with over 200,000 people coming here each day
  • you are correct
  • oh look i know what this on is this is the ball game this is my favorite team
  • look here a the king is making a tribute to keep the gods happy ,fed and to keep the rain flowing my
  • this grate for you
  • i want to be the king one day
  • why not
  • the king and queens are born in to power and only there blood can be the kings and queens
  • you cant