time line

Updated: 3/31/2021
time line

Storyboard Text

  • in 1960 the nuns were invited to Nathalia to build a school and then they got on a boat and said there from England
  • in 1961 the nuns begun the build of the school but there was 1 problem they needed money but with fundraisers and donations they got enough funding for the school
  • in 1961 the same year they begun the build they finished it with the help of the dads when the school started they only had 125 kids
  • as the school has gone from 120 to 620 it has grown the same way the school has grown up forwards now the school has a library and sanrufino also a music room and a canteen and a ton of new buildings with the purpose of class
  • the holy spirit is compared to the dove also the dove was found in the arc with all the other animals
  • st clare st francise and st Elizabeth are our three Patrons of our school