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Updated: 1/28/2020
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  • There was a powerful man with a big idea.
  • "we can design you such a ship" But mankind has not found such a motor to make the ship fly.
  • I want to be the man who gives spaceflight to mankind.
  • I need to make a letters and put them up around town ,to tell everyone that I need a motor to build a spaceship.
  • He was staring out the window and all of a sudden the idea comes to him. He wants to build a spaceship.
  • Everyone in the town showed up with a motor. Hoping there motor wound make the spaceship fly. Not one was the motor.
  • No one has the motor I'm looking for.
  • so he told his secretary to get all of the engineers,once they were all in the room he told them his big idea.
  • I have the motor your looking for. What makes you think you can build a spaceship.
  • He knew that the engineers could build the spaceship. He knew he had to tell the town about his big idea. how for the spaceship to work, he had to get a motor to make the spaceship fly.
  • "your money and ambition paved the way" said the man from mars. You see I want to go home.
  • Everyone saw the letters around town and the next morning. Everyone came to his building with motors and were lined out of his building.
  • At the end of the day no one had the right motor. In till a man came into his offices and said, i have the motor your looking for. If i give you the motor you have to take me with you he agreed to the deal.
  • They were on there way to outer space. when the man reveled himself to the man the was not from this earth. He was from mars and wanted to go back to mars.
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