Broken Blade by Keegan Julik
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade by Keegan Julik

Storyboard Text

  • I'm coming!!
  • dad!
  • Aaaa
  • Pierreś dad was chopping wood and then he accidentally cut his thumb. Pierre woke up to mom running over to dad and Pierre was very shocked. Pierre is leaving behind family, friends, and Celeste.
  • Pierre is doing well since he left St. Annes but there pretty mean and annoying guy named Sean Beloit. His muscles are okay but his blisters are terrible. And he's always thinking about home and going back to school.
  • Our brigade decided to take on the rapids. It was the most crazy and most wild ride of my life. We went through a 10 foot space and we also got stuck. La Londe died as well...
  • "FATHER!"
  • "SON!"
  • Our brigade decided to take on the open waters of Lake Superior. It was then that i realized just how powerful this lake really is. With waves thirty feet high I was scared for my life. We ended up making it though in the end.
  • We did it! We made it Grand Portage! After a long hard and dangerous trip, Pierre and his mates made it to Grand Portage and they are the happiest they've been in awhile!
  • Pierre has finally made it home after a long, hard, and very dangerous trip. They lost a very good man along the way, may he rest well. His family is very happy to see him, especially his dad. Pierre is most likely going to be a voyageur next year.