Neolithic age comic

Updated: 10/17/2021
Neolithic age comic

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  • Neolithic age comic
  • paleolithic to Neolithic ageby Lujyian
  • houses paleolithic age
  • I can stay here temporarily
  • Houses Neolithic age
  • is the house done I want to enter
  • Yes we just finished building it
  • food supply in paleolithic
  • in the paleolithic age they had to move a lot because of the changing food supply so they build tents to live in
  • food supply in Neolithic
  • the apples are ripe are the oranges ready
  • yes they are
  • in the Neolithic age the food supply was more stable so they where able to live in permanent homes
  • in the paleolithic age they had only two jobs gathering and hunting where they hunt animals and gather wild plants
  • in the Neolithic there was a more stable water source so they where able to discover farming and with farming they where able to crate new foods