The Nice Thing

Updated: 1/22/2019
The Nice Thing

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  • Get some outfits for free!
  • This is the women's restroom. You can use it.
  • There once was a girl named Claire. She could make dresses. But sadly, no one ever wanted a dress making girl. So, Claire decided to make a change to that.
  • The next day, Claire decided to sell her dresses. She went in the middle of her town, and began to sell. No one, not even one, would buy her dresses. Until, she met a little girl.
  • Dress....clothes........ skirts.....glitter.......
  • A little girl was standing outside of a bathroom with her mom. Her mom was on the phone. She looked like she needed to use it. So, Claire helped her.
  • KIND
  • Then all of a sudden, POOF! The girl turned into an angel. She granted her wish, and then Claire turned into the most famous dress seller in the town. While the news spread all across the world, Claire was selling all of her dresses.
  • So from that day on, every one came to buy Claire's beautiful clothing. She sold dresses, shirts, skirts, and even some jewelry! And all from being really nice to a little girl.
  • Now you know that to earn things you want the most, and I guarantee you that this works almost every time, that you just have to do one small thing to get it. You have to be