Greek Myth Task 2
Updated: 3/10/2021
Greek Myth Task 2

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  • Every where I go, you follow
  • I follow
  • I am so handsome
  • Echo run sobbing off the mountain and wandered about miserably in the foothills .There, amid his flock of sheep ,she saw a shepherd boy
  • He was combing his curly hair into ringlets and brushing the grass off his tunic. This was Narcissus, and Narcissus was as beautiful a any god. The shepherdesses could not lay eyes on him without falling in love.
  • Narcissus was quite used to women falling in love with him . It happened all the time. He knew how handsome he was and that made him very, very vain.
  • Narcissus fell in love with the face in the water , just as Echo had Fallen in love with him. He longed to kiss his. At last, leaning down towards the shining pool, he kissed the water-and the face reflected there dissolved into ripples
  • Narcissus reached out and plunged his hand into the water, but only managed to shatter the reflection altogether. So he sat very still and gazed and gazed and gazed
  • For Narcissus had taken root where he sat. He too had pined away in hopeless love, until all that remained of his body were tissuey petals and a bending stalking