Cosine - Trigonometry Project
Updated: 5/16/2020
Cosine - Trigonometry Project
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  • If I want to find out the angle the plane is tilting at as it takes off, I'll have to use how high up it is and how long the body of the aircraft is to find it.
  • This is very important so we pilot can figure out if we're lifting high enough at the right mark! The plane should be in the 75-65o range so let's make sure it is!
  • So let's get to it! At the fifth marker, planes should be at around 40 feet in the air and the planes we use are about 145 feet long.
  • To find the angle, I'll be using the inverse of cosine and my calculator. So I know cos = adj/hyp. That means I'll put 40/145 and multiply that by the inverse of cos. Here goes!
  • So after putting cos-1(40/145), I got 73.986. Which would mean the angle is about 74 degrees.
  • Whew! We're right at the top mark there. The plane is safe to take off at that tile angle but we may want to level it out in the future. Off to the next!
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