Tales of the Sandwich Thief
Updated: 2/19/2021
Tales of the Sandwich Thief

Storyboard Text

  • I cant wait to eat!!!
  • Ryan spends a while on his delicious looking sandwich. He is starving and cannot wait to eat.
  • "ring ring"
  • "Ugh I'm so hungry, who could that be?"
  • The phone rings in the other room. Ryan leaves kitchen with sandwich alone.
  • "uhg hi Bobby, what do you need"
  • nick walks in
  • Ryan is on the phone with his friend Bobby who needs help on an English assignment. Ryan does not notice that Nick has arrived, and walks straight into the kitchen.
  • blah blah
  • Nick locks eyes with sandwich as he enters the kitchen. Thinks about how hungry he is after work, and proceeds to eat the sandwich.
  • "Is that a sandwich!? Im staaarving!"
  • "Ohhh man that was one delicious sandwich...Wait that was yours?"
  • Ryan walks back into kitchen from phone call. Is in utter shock and disappointment to see that Nick has eaten his sandwich.
  • "Nooo! What did you do!? You ate my sandwich!? WHYYY!?"
  • Nick apologizes profusely about the sandwich fiasco. He assures Ryan it won't happen again, and compliments Ryan on his sandwich making skills.