Fall of the Han Dynasty and rise of the SonG Dynasty
Updated: 1/16/2020
Fall of the Han Dynasty and rise of the SonG Dynasty
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  • Emperor Xiandi the last emperor of the Han Dynasty was not a strong ruler. He only reigned until 220, and during that time he had to give up the throne.Court officials worked for themselves instead of China and they were dishonest for return of money under his rule.
  • The peasants did not like their jobs which made them frustrated, and they did not like the government corruption. They attacked North China Plains in the Yellow Turban Rebellion in 184.The government spent a significant amount of money to their trade and tax revenue to raise their armies.
  • The corruptions and inefficiencies that happened in the government stop those efforts from being successful.The rebellion continued for 20 years.Warlords eventually did not get along and began to fight each other. That split the power in pieces which lead the empire to an end.
  • Leaders created the civil service exam, which is a test taken by candidates for government jobs. The test laid the basis for future meritocracies. The individuals could be promoted based on their performance. It helped the government with qualified professionals in many important positions.
  • The Song Dynasty began to make paper money. This paper money helped standardize the currency. The first mechanical clock was driven by water and mostly used as a showpiece. Farmers began to use new tools like the three pieced plow and the harrow. Gunpowder was accidentally discovered but was first used for fireworks and then later on it was used in battle to shoot arrows. The crossbow was significant because you did not need to be strong to pull it back you could just pull the trigger and it would fire arrows.
  • Art during the Song dynasty became more natural in fact you can actually see it in Dao Qian's.Popular painting during this time were mountains,rivers, and flowers. Porcelain was used for cookware and plates to decorative vases and figurines.Then you have the silk.Silk was one of China's most valuable products.
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