Updated: 2/9/2021

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  • I want to start a barber shop but don't have the capital to establish it...
  • You're in luck. sir! Grande Bank currently presents a loan--specifically, a business loan.
  • Really? As far as I know, a business loan is an amount lent for business purposes, but I don't know much. Does it need a collateral? I have a guarantor, or the person who will pay if I can't, in mind.
  • In Grande Bank, the collateral must be real estate.
  • I can handle that. What about the other requirements needed?
  • The guarantor must be the business owner. The interest rate is a bit higher and the term is shorter compared to a consumer loan. On the other hand, credit report, income tax returns, and the company's financial statement needs to be presented.
  • How can I pay for my daughter's student loan? Our savings is running out...
  • What is a consumer loan? Do I need a guarantor, or a person who will pay if I can't? What are the needed documents?
  • Papel Bank has a solution for you! We are currently offering consumer loans for people like you.
  • Exactly! The documents we need are a credit report, bank statement, income tax return. certificate of employment and employee pay slips. The term is usually longer and the interest rate is lower than business loan
  • Ah, now I know! It may or may not require a collateral or a guarantor!
  • A consumer loan is money lent for personal use. It is perfect for student loans!