Mexican Revolution
Updated: 11/23/2020
Mexican Revolution

Storyboard Text

  • Diaz has won again. He doesn't listen to us peones. We are tired of him and his allies.
  • We have to do something. We need a new leader!
  • We need to continue to industrialize. It's the only one for this nation to get better!
  • He wants to industrialize too much. he doesn't listen to his Mexican people. He has too many "yes" men.
  • Of course I agree Sir. I am here to serve.
  • Profirio Diaz leads once again
  • Not again. We need to consult the rebellious forces!
  • We can finally make Diaz leave if we attack his forces. They are getting fat and we have civilian support
  • Resign peacefully. we have defeated your weak military!
  • I have left. I hope you guys can keep Mexico in order!
  • Profirio Diaz has resigned and fled the nation. Madero is now the people's president... will he keep order?