How to Reach Your Goals
Updated: 7/9/2020
How to Reach Your Goals
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  • Stress can have a negative effect on your overall wellness. This can lead to stress eating. Identifying what causes your stress, exercising, and eating well can help you cope with your stress.
  • Body Fat Composition: amount of fat in your body.Flexibility: degree of extension your joints can perform.Muscular Endurance: Ability to exercise at a low weight for a long period.Muscular Strength: Ability to exercise at a high weight for a short period.Cardiovascular Endurance: Exercising for long periods where your heart, vessels, and lungs work efficiently.
  • Components of Physical Activity
  • Goals are desired outcomes that can be short term or long term. Goal setting is a crucial life skill that keeps you motivated and focused. When creating goals, make sure they're SMARTgoals.
  • Smart goals are specific meaning they're clear and easy to understand. They're also measurable meaning they have a numerical value to track your progress. Smart goals should be achievable and relevant. If its not important or realistic, is it really worth achieving? Lastly, it should be time bound meaning there's a due date.
  • SMART Goals
  • Example of Smart Goal
  • I want to exercise 30 minutes everyday for the next 2 weeks.
  • Example of a Goal That's Not Smart
  • I want to exercise more.
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