We are not afraid to die if we can all be together
Updated: 1/15/2021
We are not afraid to die if we can all be together

Storyboard Text

  • Everyone look! That’s our ship, the WAVEWALKER. Are you all ready?
  • The family of four was ready to sail, with the objective of completing a round world voyage.
  • Wavewalker was on the verge of sinking and narrator’s head got smashed onto the wheel and he lost consciousness
  • Yes, it’s a beast and a beauty at the same time!
  • Thank you! I appreciate your help and look forward to our journey
  • Larry and herb were pumping like madmen. Meanwhile the narrator went in to check on his family
  • Hello sir! I am Larry and he’s Herb. We’ll be assisting you in your journey across the roughest ocean.
  • Tend to the kids. We need to work together in order for all of us to be alive
  • As they were unaware about the storm, they continued to enjoy the New Year’s Eve. Little did they knew what awaited their destiny. The storm worsened and made their ship and hearts shudder.
  • We have to be prepared, the waves will only get huge!
  • A wave of height as twice the ship smacked it and a tremendous explosion shook the deck
  • What! We found the island!? This indeed is the most beautiful island in the world
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