Part 2
Updated: 3/18/2020
Part 2

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part 2

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  • What about that game Saturday? Swish
  • Jimmie, you need to take your job seriously or you're out!
  • At "The Firm", there is 1 man and 3 women associates. The boss, Mr. Nasser, announces that there is a very big project due at the end of the week.
  • Olivia, Kimeesha and Ross are working diligently to finish the project. Jimmie seems unbothered by the deadline, and is off-task daily.
  • Mr. Nasser notices Jimmie slacking and gives him a fair warning.
  • Jimmie received a bonus and promotion, it is so unfair!
  • You deserved it!
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • * CONGRATULATIONS * Ross made Partner!
  • It's because we are all women, and he's a man.
  • Protected Class
  • That's discrimination.Let's contact the EEOC for help!
  • Hard work paid off!
  • The women associates finish their project before the deadline. They were rewarded by receiving a bonus for their hard work.
  • Mr. Nasser meets with the board to help make a fair decision on selecting the new partner.
  • Mr. Nasser named Ross partner based on boards fair analysis, for her contributions to the firm, hard work and dedication.