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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/3/2020
Unknown Story
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  • TMDG Suspense Board”
  • He's found me!
  • I just have to stay really still.
  • "Toward morning, when adingy gray was varnishing the sky, the cry ofsome startled bird focused Rainsford’s atten-tion in that direction."
  • "It was General Zaroff . He"It was General Zaroff . He made his way along with hiseyes fixed in utmost concentration on the ground before him. He paused, almostbeneath the tree, droppedto his knees and studied theground."
  • "—a small automaticpistol. The hunter shook his head several times, asif he were puzzled. Then he straightened up andtook from his case one of his black cigarettes;its pungent incense like smoke floated up toRainsford's nostrils.
  • I can't panic. I just need to RUN!
  • "Rainsford froze there,every muscle tensed for a spring. But the sharpeyes of the hunter stopped before they reached the limb where Rainsford lay; a smile spread over his brown face. "
  • AHA! You can never hide from me.
  • "Rainsford’s second thought was even more terrible. It sent a shudder of cold horror through his wholebeing. Why had the generalsmiled? Why had he turnedback?"
  • “I will not lose my nerve. I will not.”He slid down from the tree and struck offagain into the woods. His face was set and heforced the machinery of his mind to function."
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