The Prince and the Pauper
Updated: 1/25/2020
The Prince and the Pauper
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  • The prince and the pauper meet and decide to switch lives. Tom Canty (the pauper) tells the prince about where he lives and his life. When the prince sees the bruise on Tom's hand, he goes to confront the guard but the guard doesn't know that he is the prince.
  • Exposition
  • Let's switch clothes !
  • The prince goes to Tom's house in Offal Court when he meets his father who tries to beat him because he did't bring a farthing home.
  • Rising Action
  • I'll have your head for this! I am the prince of England!
  • I'll find the soft spots in your bones!
  • The prince is accused of stealing a dressed pig. The woman who he "stole" from doesn't want him hung, so she changes how much the pig is worth. The constable cheats the woman out of the pig by forcing her to give him the pig or the prince will be hung.
  • Climax
  • Please, spare him!
  • Give me the pig for 8 shillings, or the boy will hang!
  • The prince and Miles Hendon are thrown in jail. There are also 2 other prisoners who have been sentenced to be hung because they were trying to survive.
  • Falling Action
  • Prince Edward has been crowned. He has named Miles Hendon his trusty servant and he has named Tom Canty the King's Ward.
  • All hail the king!
  • Resolution
  • All hail the king!
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