18-3 Native American Struggles
Updated: 4/14/2020
18-3 Native American Struggles

Storyboard Text

  • I can't believe the government wants to buy this land of of us.
  • Even after they promised that no white man would ever come into these lands.
  • Well, what are we going to do about those invading Americans who want to take this land from us?
  • We have to defend our land. We can't give up our entire way of life.
  • What do they even want here?
  • I heard that a Custer is bringing an army here to get us out.
  • They say they found gold in theses hills.
  • Crazy Horse, do you know how many men did Custer brought with him?
  • My scouts say around 250. We have thousands of troops between the both of us. We should wipe them out easily.
  • You were right. That was an easy victory.
  • With such great warriors it was especially easy.
  • It was good working with you. Hopefully the Americans will leave us alone for a while.
  • Until next time Sitting Bull.
  • I hope so.