History Final 1920s

Updated: 1/10/2021
History Final 1920s

Storyboard Text

  • Everyday I wake up and stare out the window, longing for a life different than my own. The only thing I look forward to are my evening activities. At night I can go out, see my friends and forget about the world.
  • I work at a factory downtown. It's a bit of a walk but it's doable. In the olden days, woman didn't even get a chance to be in the working force, so I guess I should consider myself lucky except I hate this place. Sitting around all day in a sweaty factory, making clothing, cramped together isn't exactly my dream job.
  • It wasn't until World War 1 where us woman were finally given the chance to do something with our lives other than cook and clean for our husbands. I do still have to cook and clean for my husband though. So after work everyday I walk to the store and pick up the groceries. At least I can leave the house!
  • Once I arrive home, I start preparations for dinner. The whole time I dream about dancing though. I can't wait until dark so I can hit the town in my short black skirt and black heels!
  • When my husband Walter arrives homes he's always in a crabby mood. He is always stressing about money and tends to this start a fight seeing as I'm the one who spends too much at the store. He doesn't approve of my nighttime hobbies but I don't care because it is my life, not his!
  • Finally it is time to go dancing! My fellow flappers and I get out on the floor and the world seems to fade away. Even if others disapprove it doesn't matter because now us woman can have a life of our own! Not completely defined by the men in our lives. I would say this has been a huge advancement in society!