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Updated: 9/17/2021
Unknown Story

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  • 1.Like, I know its important and I understand that it is used a lot in life, I see my parents use it everyday... I just wish it was easier and less confusing to remember.
  • 1.I'm exited for the new school year!
  • I used to know this. What was it again?
  • 3.14159 this is π followed by 2653589 circumference over diameter 79323 omg 8462643 and now were on a spree 3832 now were blue 79502 8841 so much fun now we run 97169399 3751 half way done...
  • The Pi Song (Memorize100 Digits Of π) | SCIENCE SONGS
  • Solve:2*sqrt{15}*3*sqrt{12}
  • Dear Algebra,Why do letters and symbols like -, +, / or * with a number make another letter or number? Also, find your own x. Please. -Kaelyn C-Smith
  • 3.Math. Really? I have mixed feelings about it.
  • I have something for you.
  • 2.Ya...you have a point.
  • 2.Me too. My favorite subject is math and I hear the math teacher is fun.
  • Algebra