Chapter 17-19 story board
Updated: 1/30/2020
Chapter 17-19 story board
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  • "Was it her left facing you or her leftlooking the same way you were?”
  • “Oh yes, that’d make it her right. It was her right eye, Mr. Finch. Iremember now, she was bunged up on that side of her face...”
  • “Mr. Ewell, can you read and write?”
  • He's left handed...
  • Mr.Ewell could've held her with his right hand and beat her with his left.
  • “All right, let’s see,”
  • “I most positively can.”
  • “Tom, stand up. Let Miss Mayella have a goodlong look at you. Is this the man, Miss Mayella?”
  • His left arm was fullytwelve inches shorter than his right, and hung dead at his side.
  • "It most certainley is"
  • "You were screaming all this time?"
  • "Why didn't your screams make them come running? The dumps closer that the woods isn't it?
  • “Then why didn’t the other children hear you? Where were they? At the dump?”“Where were they?”
  • ..........
  • Tom tell us what happened.
  • Tom ran away when Mr.Ewell came.
  • "She reached up and kissed me on the side of the face"
  • “an' I was just reaching,when the next thing I know she'd grabbed me around the legs,Mr.Finch she scared me so bad."
  • "I didn't want to harm her,Mr.Finch,an' I say lemme pass, but just when I say it Mr.Ewell yonder hollered through the window."
  • "That old Mr.Gilmer doin him thataway, talking so hateful to him-"
  • Dills upset about the way Tom is being treated.He dosen't think it's right that Mr.Gilmer was talking to him with such disrespect.
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