Trentyn Albano - Atomic theory

Updated: 10/28/2020
Trentyn Albano - Atomic theory

Storyboard Text

  • Democratics 460BCE 370BCE
  • I blieve that everything in the world is made up of small atoms.
  • Thompson 1856 to 1940
  • My experiment with cathode and ray tubes showed that all atoms have negative charged subatomic participial or electrons.
  • Rutherford 1817 to 1937
  • i propose that matter is contained with small atoms.
  • i proposed a theory for hydrogen atom based on quantum theory that energy is transformed in certain well defined quantities.
  • bohr 1885 to 1962
  • Dalton 1766 to 1844
  • i propose that matter is made up of small indivisible atoms.
  • my model shows that electrons done move around the nucleus in orbits.
  • erwin 1887 to 1961