Updated: 3/10/2020
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  • Texas
  • Welcome to Texas you can have what ever land you want please make your selves at home
  • Texas
  • We are are hear for the rebels
  • Alamo
  • We are own government and this is our Alamo
  • Mexico won independence and controlled what is now Texas. The only people there was Tejanos. But soon they offered vast quantities of land. Then Americans brought their families to live in what is now Texas. At first Mexico encouraged Americans to stay in Texas but then the Americans greatly outnumbered the Mexicans. And they wouldn't follow Mexican rules. Like being Catholic and speaking Spanish.
  • Texas declares its independence
  • And a lot of the Americans had slaves which mexico didn't agree with that and even threatened to ban it. Then Mexico closed it's boarders to immigration. A American settler tried to make peace and failed Texans including Tejanos and Americans began planning to annex Texas but soon the conflict grew violent Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna took an army into Texas to punish the rebels. Then the Americans got Santa Anna enraged. When the army got there they found a Little Texan force inside a mission called the Alamo.
  • The Lone Star Republic
  • Texans only had about 180 soldiers to take on Santa Anna's army that had thousands of soldiers. But Texas had brave leaders like folk hero Davy Crockett, commander William B. Travis and a tough Texan named Jim Bowie. For days the defender of the Alamo kept Santa Anna's army at bay with rifle fires. Then Mexicans finally knocked down the Alamo's walls they entered the Alamo and killing all the defenders including Travis, Crockett, Bowie. and a number of Tejanos. Only a few women and children and a couple servants lived to tell of the battle. But their defeat they bought the Texans time to gather troops and supplies.
  • Texas becomes a state
  • We passed the annex Texas is Now it's very own State
  • During the siege at the Alamo Texan leaders met at the town of Washington. Among the leaders there were a number of Tejanos who were also very unhappy with Mexican rule. four days before the fall of the Alamo they declared independence from Mexico.Texan leaders set up temporary government called Sam Houston. They got an army of 900. but Santa Anna's Army camped close. but they had over 1,300. Then Texas launched a surprise attack shouting Remember the Alamo They killed and captured a lot of people including Santa Anna and signed the treaty for Texas's independence 
  • We all have a problem with Mexican rule we want to be on our own
  • Texas elected Sam Houston as their president and Mirabeau Lamar was vice president. Sam sent a delegation to Washington to annex Texas. But Andrew Jackson denied the request because he didn't want another slave state so Texas will remain it's own country for now.
  • Nope I refuse to sign this tell them to figure it out on their own
  • Many Texans wanted to join the U.S. Southerners favored the annex of Texas. But Northerners didn't want another slave state.President Martin didn't want to upset anyone so he didn't think about it. In 1841 President John Tyler supported the annex of Texas but the slavery question kept Texas from becoming a state. James K. Polk supported both actions. So after Polk wont congress passed a resolution to annex Texas in 1845 Texas joined the Union.
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