mythology character map
Updated: 3/3/2021
mythology character map

Storyboard Text

  • Thor is known as the god of thunder. He has red hair and beard and is very muscular. Thor has a magical hammer. Others admired Thor and his powers. He has courage and an unshakable sense of duty. He has an unnamed belt of strength as well.
  • Freya is known as the goddess of love. Some people say she has blonde hair while others say she is a red-head. Freya and Frigg, Odin's wife, are ultimately identical. She had the power to control other gods fortunes and desires. Her social status changed depending where she was and who she was with.
  • Loki is known as a cunning trickster and can change his shape and gender. Loki is a red-head and scrawny, but tall, body. Not many gods cared for Loki because it is said that he killed Thor's brother. Loki had six children, only two with his wife Sigyn.