Personal Finance Test
Updated: 2/13/2020
Personal Finance Test

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, my name is Thomas and I would like to get a $30,000 car loan.
  • Of course. My name is...
  • Sounds good, can I get your information please?
  • Aaaugh!
  • I am sorry about this sir... but I am unable to approve a loan for you as your credit score is too low, you don't have any savings, and you have a history of late payments. and maxed credit cards. I would suggest you try to fix that.
  • Thomas and Maya are both college graduates, about to attempt to get $30,000 dollar car loans.
  • Hi! My name is Maya and I would like to take out a $30,000 car loan.
  • Of course! I just need your info...
  • Thomas... hasn't been the best. He tends to pay bills late and spend too much, he has 4 credit cards, and he hits the limit on all of them each month. This is what happens.
  • Sounds good! Thank you!
  • Maya, it looks like you are financially on a great path! I am going to authorize a 5 year, 30,000 dollar loan with 5% interest.
  • A few minutes later...
  • Now it's Maya's turn. She only has one credit card which she never maxes. She has held it since her senior year of high school, and she has never missed a payment on any of her bills or student loans, and she has a savings account. Here she goes...
  • Five minutes later...
  • Maya got her loan because her credit score was better and held longer, she had always paid on time, and she had a savings account, none of which Thomas had.