Updated: 3/11/2020

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • In the forest, there is peace and tranquility present in the atmosphere as the sun shines brightly on all the plants of the forest.
  • Because of this argument, the sunlight that is shining on the leaves of the plant is trapped in the chloroplasts.
  • However, there is a great argument brewing in this plant.
  • *Inside the roots of the plant* H2O and CO2 are arguing.
  • I'm H2O. I came here first! I entered from the roots !
  • Well I'm CO2 and i know that i came here first ! After all i came from the air and I'm the faster one !
  • Well then if you're so fast, let's have a race then; to see who could get out out of the closest leaf on your right , first !
  • HAH! I would win because I'm the fastest. Well, let's see !
  • Taking their positions ! On your marks! Get ready ! GO!......
  • CO2 got off on a late start as he's far behind. H2O is in lead heading straighht down on Petiole Street. Let's see what happens.