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The 5 economic utilities with Makayla, Kylie, Alex, Amber, Anthony, and Cha
Updated: 10/2/2020
The 5 economic utilities with Makayla, Kylie, Alex, Amber, Anthony, and Cha
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  • Hi! I'm Makayla, and this is my friend kylie
  • Hi! Nice to meet you! We're here to tell you about the 5 economic utilities.
  • What're y'all talking about?
  • Hey, Guys!
  • Hey, look, it's Alex and Anthony.
  • Hey!
  • The example of utility that we're going to use today is -
  • I think that they're talking about the utility example - dog food.
  • That's right, Anthony.
  • Dog food? Why dog food?
  • That's right, Anthony, dog food's form utility is that the companies design them so that they fit different customers' needs.
  • The 5 economic utilities By: Mckayla and KylieFeaturing: Alex, Amber, and Anthony
  • Why? I'm just telling them about the time utility for dog food. - And plus, I thought that this would be more entertaining rather than me just telling them in a boring old manner.
  • Hey, guys!
  • Oh brother...
  • Form utility is where how well a product or service meets a customer's specific needs, and even sometimes wants. Dog food's form utility is that the companies create so many different types of dog food just for specific dogs, like adult dog food, puppy chow, ect., they also even have different types of recipes for dog food.
  • Information utility: Dog food's information utility is stuff like what all ingredients are in the dog food, food allergies to and for dogs, what all the dog food does to your dog, ect.
  • You see, Amber, dog food has all of the utilities, including the form utility.
  • Anthony, turn around! You're going to hurt yourself!
  • Dog food's time utility is basically anytime. You can buy dog food anytime. But there may be some specific dates for your store that you would care to remember, like the Black Friday, or even Labor Day sales could come in handy.
  • Hey, look you dufus. Or else you're going to run into Alex and Chance.
  • Woof, woof!
  • Dog food's place utility is at any store that sells pet products and /or/ appliances. Such as Petsmart, Petco., Wally World ( Walmart ), Target, ect. It can also mean how well and accessible the store's website is.
  • Possession utility, dog food's possession utility is that I can not tell you without stating my own personal opinion, because Possession Utility is the perceived usefulness and value. But I do think that it's very useful mainly because it can help out your dog in different ways that are tuned into it, and it also helps to keep your pet alive.
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