Force and motion
Updated: 11/15/2020
Force and motion

Storyboard Text

  • Hurry up kelly we have to walk to your moms house
  • Ok daddy but i have a question
  • Yes i did see . but did you notice that the person that got hit changed the speed and changed there direction
  • Omgg daddy Did you see how hard that car hit that girl .
  • Well The reason it changed in speed and direction is because of force and motion 
  • What does that mean?
  • well force and motion includes the vilocity of the direction of every object an object could start,stop,speed up,slowdown,and change direction
  • like do you see this car how the person in it is starting up the car which is when the car gets an equal amount of force to get the car able to start which could go in any direction
  • Daddy can you explain that a little more
  • yes ! its so cool of the difference of force and motion
  • The difference between both cars is that for the car to be stopped it has to have an equal amount of force in the same direction for the car to completely stop which is different from the other car because the car that is sped up has to have any strength in the same direction to the car
  • Look kelly do you see the difference between both cars ! one car is stopped and the other car is sped up
  • Pay attention to this car kelly do you see how the speed of the car is slowing down which means that the force and velocity has changed
  • When the car slows down it means that the car has less strength and force than it did before and that the force of the car is going in the opposite direction of the way the car is moving 
  • Dad what does vilocity means?