Football Newton Project
Updated: 1/24/2020
Football Newton Project
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  • OK! So if you want to do good in game you have to use the advantages of Newton's Laws
  • Yeah i'm very nervous I would love some advice .
  • Hey I can tell your nervous for the game , do you want advice?
  • The first Law is inertia, here i'll explain it in football terms. Well in football terms, if you got tackled by a player, hes changing your course of direction using unbalanced forces which makes you fall, which is called inertia.
  • Oh i get it now, if a player tackles you hes using inertia to make you fall!
  • Okay, Newton's second law in football terms is like when a Quarterback throws a football, hes exerting a force on the football which accelerates to incredible speeds!
  • Wow! So every time a Quarterback is throwing a football hes exerting a force at all times!
  • Oh! The game is about to start lets wrap this up, Newton's third law in football terms happens when a defender tackles a offensive player with momentum, this allows the defender to tackle the offensive player making him fall, the defensive player is the one doing the action while the offensive player getting hit by the defensive player is the reaction.
  • Yup it really is, now its time for the game lets win!
  • That is AMAZING! So when a defender is tackling a offensive player hes using momentum to make the player fall!
  • I'm open!
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