Department of Transportation
Updated: 5/2/2019
Department of Transportation

Storyboard Text

  • I see cars on the road all the time but I don't know who regulates them?
  • Well son, that would be the Department of Transportation.
  • What about all of the busses in the city that take people to their jobs?
  • Even all of those are under control of the DOT.
  • How about all the roads those cars and busses travel on. Who is in charge of them?
  • To be honesty with you kid, I'm not sure. I've never given it much thought. 
  • Actually, the DOT has control over all the roads as well. That is the reason they were created in the first place. 
  • Oh! That makes much more sense now!
  • They even control and regulate airplanes and anything that people use to get around in. 
  • Wow! I had no idea how much the DOT regulated. Thank goodness there is an agency in place to make sure things go the way they are supposed to.
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