Battle of Salamis
Updated: 2/4/2021
Battle of Salamis

Storyboard Text

  • I am Xerxes, and I will conquer Greece, for my father.
  • And so, Xerxes recruited us, 100,00 men. Some are even from Egypt!
  • We are on our way with the rest of the fleet. Time to destroy Greece.
  • Yeah! We'll stop the Persians before they get through Thermopylae!
  • There's not enough space for two armies in this narrow pass.
  • King Leonidas won't let us down!
  • Good thing that Greek traitor showed us the way. We destroyed the Sparta army! And now here's Athens...but there's no one here? They've escaped! After them! And you... burn the city
  • They followed the Greek ships, but the leader of Athens, Themistocles, had set a trap. As soon as the Persian ships were in the Strait of Salamis, they attacked, taking down their ships.