sentient lawnmower adaptation
Updated: 2/10/2020
sentient lawnmower adaptation

Storyboard Text

  • Petr Anfilofieff
  • Inheritance: process by which genetic information is passed from parent to childOverproduction: where the generation has so many offspring that the environment can't sustain themsurvival of the fittest: the idea that the organism with the most surviving babies is most fit for their environmentdifferential reproduction: the idea that the organism which is best adapted has the most babies
  • variation
  • overproduction
  • hee hee
  • survival of the fittest
  • there are short grass and there are tall grass
  • reproduction/inheritance
  • there is not enough space for both types of grass
  • adaptation
  • Trait selected: shortTrait selected against: tallType of adaptation: physicalEnvironment/Environmental change: predator
  • the sentient lawnmower doesn't like tall grass but the short grass is fine and survives
  • the short grass just doesn't get killed by the sentient lawnmower, and that allows them to reproduce
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