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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/29/2020
Unknown Story
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Honers science

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  • I am dalton and I am the smartest man in science and I say that a atom is something you cut down utile you can not cut is in half any more.
  • actually guy form my research I have discovered that electrons were located inspecific energy levels and that electrons traveled in definite orbits around the nucleus. I am Niels Bohr
  • I am thomson and even I am smarter than you and I say that an atom is actually a very small sphere with a bunch of positive charged protons floating around in the sphere
  • it kind of looks like my favorite dessert plum pudding with raisins 
  • floating around with protons in a sphere and that my sir is not plum pudding with raisins . brownies are better
  • I am rutherford and actually gentlemen from what I have gathered from my research is that an atom also has a particle in them that has a negative charge and that is called a electron
  • fellas stop this arguing al let me educate you on how this all works tell you how this all works
  • Atoms have a thing in them called nutroan which have no charge and the protons and neutrons bond together in the nucleus
  • And it is me james chadwick
  • sorry to tell to tell you guy but our modern technology point to that there is actually a cloud around the nucleus that has a negative charge
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