The legend of Northland

Updated: 9/9/2021
The legend of Northland

Storyboard Text

  • Oh Lord! I am so hungry and tired too. I am just about to faint. Please help!
  • Hello... is anyone there?
  • Coming....
  • The sage was tired of preaching and fasting. He was very hungry.
  • Hi, I am a sage and I am very hungry. Can I get a cake from your store?
  • Sure
  • The sage was delighted to see a house.
  • What! well ok...
  • This seems too large to give away...
  • Wait a minute, I will bake you another one.
  • There was a little woman in the house, making cakes.
  • What! You have no right to be a human. You are so greedy. Now you will live a life as boring as a woodpecker.
  • Noooo...
  • The sage asked her for a cake from her store.
  • The woman made a cake for the saint, but she thought it was too large to give up. So, she made another one and another one and another one.But everytime she saw the cake she thought that it was too large.
  • The saint waited and waited and waited. At last the sage got angry and cursed the lady.