Origin of Taha

Updated: 7/28/2020
Origin of Taha

Storyboard Text

  • once upon a time, not so far away - there was a king amongmen
  • well well well, if it isnt a great day to be tall and dashing and super handsome
  • Taha takes a wrong turn on purpose and is astounded by what he sees
  • oh no!! what is that !! i better get away -- unless *trips and falls*
  • a mystical siren witch sits on a rock, beckoning cool taha
  • if it isn't Cool Taha! I see my spell to draw you to me has succeeded! quick! hold my hand so I may join you in your world, i promise all of the worlds wonders!!!!
  • captivated by the clown siren, King Taha proceeds
  • He's Smitten!!!!
  • the siren witch transformed into a royal! just like Taha!!
  • and so Taha and Najwa lived happily ever after!!! together they discovered all of the world's wonders and they lived happily ever after