6 popular islands in Australia
Updated: 5/18/2020
6 popular islands in Australia

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome to Philip island
  • . See penguin parade. Go surfing. Leave Philip island and return to Melbourne
  • I'm not going to though...
  • It appears someone forgot their to do list!
  • Welcome to Rottnest island
  • You can only find us here on this island. You can also ride your bike to get around to us.
  • We are quokkas
  • Hamilton island is such a luxury island.
  • This is going to be an expensive vacation
  • I'm just here for the luxury food. Hehehe
  • Wow the sand is so fne that I couldbrush my teeth with it!
  • Wow! Whitsunday island is so beautiful.
  • I'm going to learn the history and see the sites on this island.
  • Cockatoo Island
  • I'll start cooking the BBQ
  • Let's walk all the way to the south tip of the island!
  • Wow! Bruny island is so cool and beautiful!!!
  • I here that is the farthest South on land you can go beofre hitting Antarctica!