States of matter project
Updated: 1/8/2021
States of matter project

Storyboard Text

  • Hi my name is Sonny and i'm gonna  preform some magic with help from the sun.
  • This ice cube represents a solid, in which the particles are tightly packed together, has a definite shape and volume, and the interaction of particles is very strong. The motion of its particles is they can only vibrate, and also for its fluidity, it can't flow.
  • The reason the ice becomes a liquid is because of the sun, the heat causes the ice cube to melt into water.
  • Now the solid is a liquid, it takes the shape of its container, has a definite volume, the particles are further apart, but still, have a strong bond, the particles move around each other and they can flow.
  • Wow it's getting really hot out here now! The water is becoming a gas because of the heat of the sun, it causes the water to become a gas called water vapor.
  • A gas takes the shape of its container, has a indefinite volume, has loosely packed particles. there is little interaction between the particles, the particles move quickly, and gas flows.
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