Updated: 1/30/2020
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  • The early ages of life
  • The Change
  • Fire
  • The earliest parts of life scientist are finding was the Paleolithic age. The nomads aka hunter gathers lived during this period and just built small houses so that they never stayed in one place for too long.
  • The new job
  • About a million years after the Paleolithic age the neolithic revolution came into place. This changed there life forever new technology came in, they built huge kingdoms or camps that they could all work in and not have to worry about surviving.
  • Water movement
  • Fire was made during the Paleolithic revolution and it made life easier for these people. Fire made it easier for people to eat and keep warm in the winter. This simple made people live longer and also help with animals.
  • Farming did many things to the new age people. They could always have a food supply and a job to help their community. The way people found out about farming was the slash and burn method. They would cut a huge area down then burn it for a open area, then when they would leave and come back a few years later trees and brush would be grown back.
  • The neolithic people realized that they could control the water. They would run it through their villages and towns. When they would do that they could drink it, farm, and feed animals.
  • Now in our current time scientists are finding how out how the early humans developed opposable thumbs. They are also finding out what kind of artifacts they had as in jewelry, tools, and clothing.
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